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This is a guide to help you check you have done each step.  Check the box when you have completed each item.



Print this out and keep in your portfolio.



Step 1


First you will choose a god or goddess to interview from the list below:

Step 2


Surf the websites listed to learn more about your god or goddess. Come up with 10 questions that you will ask your god or goddess during your interview with them. You must have two editors ( peers) review your questions and make sure they sign and date the edited paper.


Step 3


Set a meeting with the Magazine Publisher ( teacher) by signing in your name for an appointment. Then you will both review your questions and the publisher will give you some feedback.

Remember to summit your rough draft and final draft of your 10 questions.


     Step 4


You will write a letter to the god or goddess asking them for the chance of an interview. You will suggest a place to meet, of course you will be traveling back in time. You will follow the standards of writing a letter. Make sure you include this in your portfolio.

You may start this task by brainstorming places you might meet in Ancient Egypt. Keep in mind the kind of places your god or goddess might like to hang out. What should you wear to the interview? How should you prepare for your interview?


     Step 5


You are at the interview you might want to write down the mood or anything that stands out. You must also take good notes that you will be able to read and understand later.

You will also go through some magazines and look at some articles that other have written for a magazine. This will help you get an idea or what your article should look like. This is only to help you guide you must come up with your own original article.


     Step 6


Review your notes and brainstorm some ideas of what you may want to focus on when you write. You will write your rough draft of your god or goddess. Then you will edit your own article, them summit to two different students to edit again. Make sure they sign and date when the edit your work.

Make sure you include who this article is written by. You must also include a works cited page.


     Step 7


Once again you will set another meeting with the magazine publisher to go over your article for the magazine. She will then give you suggestions on your work. Make the changes if she has asked for changes to be made to your article.


     Step 8


You are now ready to publish your article, but first you will need to include some visuals for your article page. You must include a picture of your god or goddess in your article. You may draw a picture, create one with pix kids, or copy a picture off the internet ( remember to ask for permission). You are also required to use at least two other graphics in your article.


     Step 9


Organize all your work into your portfolio of everything that you have done. Once it has been approved the publisher will include your article in the Egyptologist Times.


     Step 10


You will read your article in front of the class and present the information you have found.



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