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Egyptian Gods and Goddess WebQuest

by Monica Diaz

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|Introduction | Task | Process | Resources | Evaluation | Conclusion |

|Reflection | |Extensions  | Notes to Teacher |





You have just graduated from school and have recently been hired at Egyptology Times magazine as a writer. Your boss has giving you the opportunity of a life time. He is able to send one person back in time to Ancient Egypt and he has chosen you. Your job is to interview a god or goddess from Ancient Egypt, however, you donít know a thing about Ancient Egypt's gods or goddesses ,so you start asking yourself questions.  What was the life of a goddess or god? What did they stand for? Who believed in them? Why did they exist? Are they real or just make believe?

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You will travel back in time to 2125 B.C. to Ancient Egypt to find out what gods and goddess they had. You will arrive at the banks of the River Nile, which is the longest river in the world, to begin your journey. You will choose a god or goddess to interview from Ancient Egypt. You will have the opportunity to talk to your god or goddess and ask them questions. You will then write an article for Egyptology Times telling your readers all about your god or goddess.

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You will be asked to create a portfolio on your god or goddess.  In this portfolio you will keep all the work you have done for your article. 

Click here to find out what should be included in your portfolio

Step 1 : First you will choose a god or goddess to interview  and you will write a paragraph telling me why that was your choice.  Include this paragraph in your portfolio.

Click here to visit the list of  gods and goddesses

Step 2

Surf the websites listed to learn more about your god or goddess. As any good writer you must always have some prior information about the interview.  This will help you come up with 10 questions that you will ask your god or goddess during your interview with them.  You must have two editors ( must be two different peers)  review your questions and make sure they sign and date the edited paper. All the links to your gods are under resources.

Step 3

Set a meeting with the magazine publisher ( teacher) by signing in your name for an appointment.  Then you will both review your questions and the publisher will give you some feedback. 

Remember to summit your questions and final draft of your 10 questions in your portfolio.

Step 4

You will write a letter to the god or goddess asking them for the chance of an interview.  You will suggest a place to meet, of course you will be traveling back in time.  You will follow the standards of writing a letter.  Make sure you include this in your portfolio.

You may start this task by brainstorming places you might meet in Ancient Egypt.  Keep in mind the kind of places your god or goddess might like to hang out.  What should you wear to the interview? How should you prepare for your interview?

Step 5

You are at the interview you might want to write down the mood or anything that stands out.  You must also take good notes that you will be able to read and understand later.

You will also go through some magazines and look at some articles that other have written for a magazine.  This will help you get an idea or what your article should look like.  This is only to help you guide you must come up with your own original article.

Step 6

Review your notes and brainstorm some ideas of what you may want to focus on when you write. You will write your rough draft of your god or goddess.  Then you will edit your own article, them summit to two different students to edit again. Make sure they sign and date when the edit your work.

Make sure you include who this article is written by.  You must also include a works cited page.

Step 7

Once again you will set another meeting with the magazine publisher to go over your article for the magazine.  She will then give you suggestions on your work. Make the changes if she has asked for changes to be made to your article.

Step 8

You are now ready to publish your article, but first you will need to include some visuals for your article page.  You must include a picture of your god or goddess in your article.  You may draw a picture, create one with Pix Kids, or copy a picture off the internet (remember to ask for permission).  You are also required to use at least two other graphics in your article.  

Step 9

Organize all your work into your portfolio of everything that you have done. Once it has been approved the publisher will include your article in the Egyptology Times.

Step 10

You will read your article in front of the class and present the information you have found. We will do this during our designated share time.

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You will be required to take notes on each website that you visit. Please make sure that you include your website notes in your portfolio. You will also have time at the library to research some information on your god or goddess.

You may also go to the public library to do your research. Please make sure you take notes and make sure you cite the books you use.

You will be required to take notes on each website that you visit.  Please make sure that you include your website notes in your Portfolio.   You will also have time at the library to research some information on your god or goddess. 

You may also go to the public library to do your research.  Please make sure you take notes and make sure you cite the books you use.

Make sure you answer, Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?, when visiting each websites

Click here to view websites

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I have created a grading scale that will show what you will be graded on.  Please look at the scale carefully to make sure you meet all the requirements. 

Click here to go to the grading scale

I created a checklist to help guide you through each step.

Click here to go to a checklist

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We will all have the opportunity to look through the magazine that we have created as a class.  Since we will be studying about Ancient Egypt throughout the next month we will read a few articles each day.  We will also leave some time for discussion. This will be the end of our exploration of Ancient Egypt. 

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In our class journal write a paragraph about what you thought about the project.  What did you like or dislike? What would you change? Did you learn anything, if so what? Do you have a better understanding of why Egyptians had gods and goddesses? If you lived in Ancient Egypt do you think you would worship one of these gods? Why? Would you like to be a god or goddess? Who would you be and why?

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The class will come up with a list of some of the animals that live in your state. Record them on the chalkboard. Then have the students create new gods and goddesses using the heads of your local animals. Brainstorm a list of topics that their deities can symbolize, such as friendship, schools, fun, etc. Challenge them to make their animal choices match the attribute they represent: for example, an owl-headed god of schools ("wise as an owl"), a dog-headed god of friendship ("man's best friend"), a bee-headed god of work ("busy as a bee").

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Notes to Teacher

This WebQuest is just one part of an entire unit of Ancient Egypt .  I have required that students already learn about the culture of Ancient Egypt.  They may even already know some of the gods and goddess.  They will also already know why they even had these gods.  This is more on an extension to a unit on Ancient Egypt. 

Have the librarian pull out books on god and goddess of Ancient Egypt. Make sure you give at least one month advance noticed, if not more.

Send a letter to parents before you start this project.  Have parents and students sign off on the letter sent home.

I would suggest checking the portfolios every week to make sure that students are doing all there work.  I would have them add each finished item in their portfolio.

Make sure that you check all the links that I have provided to make sure that they are still working and that they are still appropriate. 

When I built the webpage all the links were all appropriate and working.

Have magazines ready for students to look at.  You can get these from your school library or you can purchase old magazines at your city library for .25 or so.

Remind students that the checklists are there to help them know what they need to do.

After students choose a god or goddess ask them to summit them to you.  I would suggest making a due date that they have to summit who they have chose.

You can make any accommodations for any students that may need it.

I have calculated that this WebQuest will take about one month. 


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